Posted October 28 2014

We know.  We’ve been looking at this grid of 96 5x5 Deth P. Sun paintings for one week and it’s really hard to choose.  We’ve decided to wait until more sell, hence narrowing our choices (or justifying a larger and more expensive painting).  We’ve loved seeing who chooses which painting so thought we could offer some suggestions.  If none of these profiles match you, think about what you want your Deth P. Sun painting to say about you, or this moment or where you want to hang it.  That should help narrow your choices.


NY RIOTS Like us, you watched Stonewall Uprising on PBS this week and you’re horrified but appreciative of the reminder that equal rights are still being fought for.  The 1969 flag is for the Stonewall Riots.  Or if you’re from NY, like flags or if you’re a Bruin’s fan and want to be regularly reminded of Vancouver’s disgrace (ya know, the rioting).  


MENDING HEAD WOUND If you might be a middle-aged journalism graduate, golfer, sports fan, metal head from Westfield embarking on a nursing career.  Or if you’ve cracked your head open or feel peculiarly sensitive to otherworldly spirits.


WHATEVER Dude, it glows in the dark!  There is 1 painting out of 126 here that glows in the dark.   Isn’t that enough?  It GLOWS-IN-THE-DARK!  Or if you love the idea of shutting off your light at night and falling asleep to a shrugging, glowing cat in a Whatever t-shirt.  Sweet dreams!  


PIZZA IS FOREVER You make, serve or deliver pizza for a living (that’s half the valley) and if you add eat pizza, we cover everyone.  Or if you are like Deth and Marci and you eat at Joe’s Pizza like, 3 times in the 4 days you’re in westernmass.  


SLEEPING IN HULL If you live in say, NH or Southwick and maybe in a log cabin, and maybe like guns or are preparing for a zombie apocalypse, this might be the painting for you.  Or if you like boats, death battles, Ernest Hemingway, cats or rigging.  


See, it’s totally fun.  I can’t wait to see which painting we end up with.