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FOE: People Like Us


The day before our event, a polite young man was admiring the flyer and asked, “What does ‘People Like Us’ mean?” I encouraged him to attend (he had other plans). I could answer that question with a never-ending supply of stories and people. Here’s one from Basement Show.

Closin' Main Interview

We served Glühwein our final Arts Night Out liquor license December 11, 2015. My wiser, funnier, cooler partner in crime KARW was at my side. She asked me some questions about the Q&A.


FUN WITH DICK & JANE: aka Matt Sesow + Dana Ellyn


Let me tell you a little about our artist heroes.

Our Address is 114 Main St

I have a little story.  This might not be a perfect analogy, but I’m trying to capture a feeling.  Sometimes it’s completely legitimate to draw an incorrect conclusion.  Ain’t nobody done nothin’ wrong.

Penny Nickels Interview: The Art of Living


I have been following Penny Nickels for a couple of years now.  The artist and her work are featured in the book, PUSH Stitchery.  Penny also writes about fiber art for Mr. X Stitch and Feeling Stitchy.  You can follow Penny Nickels, and her husband Johnny Murder, founder of the Manbroidery movement at their blog.  Since I kept thinking about Penny and she’s...

Hell Fire!

We were damned excited when we got the Cadaver Kid test pulls from Splurrt for our 2011 Monster group show.  Now we are beyond excited to offer the first run of the Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid, the Hell Fire Burning ed.

William Schaff: Please Don’t Drown

Sometimes, the stakes are higher.  Sometimes, and you’re not even sure why, some things have more weight.  You care, a lot, about the outcome.  Well, when I feel that way about someone or something, I like to work my hardest with the hopes of rising to the occasion.  I have such hopes now.