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1000 Days of Drawing: An Interview with Chris Piascik about his new book

Chris Piascik does a drawing every day, Monday through Friday and posts it on his website .  To date,1147 and counting.  Take a minute to contemplate that.  Whatever you think this book might be, it’s bigger and badder than you imagine.  First, there’s the rare good fortune of 1000 days of sound mind and body.  Then there’s the determination and perseverance to complete something you set out...

The Beatles, Otaku, Art and the Sacred: the Toby Barnes Interview

Artist Toby Barnes settled into Amherst a few years ago and will be part of our LOOK II local group show opening Friday, July 13th.  Toby was kind enough to agree to an email and in person interview. We begin with a discussion about Toby’s painting, The Sidekick Lounge (pictured with the photograph of The Beatles that inspired it).


I’m not trained to write about art and design.  Luckily, I’m pretty skilled at knowing what I like and doing what I want.  I really like this print , and so do lots of other people.  I’m also regularly impressed by the wit and humor of Tom Pappalardo.  He was kind enough to answer my weird coffee questions.

Michael Crigler, I wanna know more

You know how sometimes when you meet someone who’s kinda different from you, and you’re kinda curious and you kinda like ‘em and how you’re fascinated by how the relationship will evolve?  I love that feeling.  That’s how I feel about Michael Crigler. 

Eric Talbot

Man, I hope I get this right.  I know Eric Talbot a little, and I like him a lot.  Knowing what I know, I think the best thing to do is tell a story.

Why so modest Rick Beaupre?

Of course modesty is a nice character trait, but think of your fans!

Talented and happy: Scott Tulay

You know the cliche of the tortured artist?  Yeah, that’s not Scott Tulay.  I’m sure there were times of struggle and uncertainty along his journey, but the man I have had the pleasure to meet, seems like a pretty happy guy.  And why shouldn’t he be?  Scott attended fine institutions, studied under artists he admired, established a successful career as an architect and creates beautiful, atmospheric, fine art...

Lyell Castonguay, it’s an honor to know you

Lyell is a woodcut artist and printmaker.  We have a mind-blowing 5’ woodcut print up at FOE. 

I ♥ Ramiro Davaro-Comas

Do I have to explain why? 

Chris Piascik won’t slow down!

Why?  I think it has lots to do with Danzig, BMX and coffee.