Eric Talbot

Posted November 04 2014

Man, I hope I get this right.  I know Eric Talbot a little, and I like him a lot.  Knowing what I know, I think the best thing to do is tell a story. I was working alone one slow and dark night when a man and woman entered the shop.  Pleasant greetings were exchanged and I resisted the urge to engage them in conversation.  They seemed to be catching up and didn’t need me interrupting.  The man spent some time looking at Eric Talbot’s art work.  I heard him telling the woman that he has been a fan of Talbot’s art since he was a kid.  It was a nice conversation to hear.  Then the man said he was excited to have a place to see and buy Talbot’s art and that he ordered two pieces from our website.  So I interrupt after all, “Do you live in Central Mass?  We shipped a couple paintings out that way.”  Yup, same customer.   He bought another ink creature and a few of Talbot’s Skull Factory stickers.  People’s connection to art can be very personal.  And sometimes the stuff you loved as a kid, is the art you are purchasing as an adult.  I get to work with Eric Talbot, learn about his art and talk to fans who have been following his career for years.  Pretty sweet.  Oh and of course, The Misfits came on the shuffle during our conversation and the Eric Talbot fan is also a Misfits fan.  Sometimes everything feels right.