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I’m looking forward to meeting Jon Schluenz

I know, seems crazy right?  Jim’s talked to him a few times.  Jim said nice things.  We checked out hiswebsite.  Jim invited Jon to be part of the LOOK show.  There’s a whole sappy love song about my husband in that story, but I’ll spare you.   Jon knows what I’m talking about.

Dan Tower’s fav animal? “Hog, pssh, please.”

Dan Tower cooks at a French bistro, Bistro Les Gras. Dan Tower made this.  The skull?  Yup, he cooked, cleaned and ate it.  He does his own framing and wood cuts too.  I think young Dan Tower is living his art.  Oh to be young and talented.  Eh, it’s pretty sweet being middle-aged and happy too.  I got no complaints, and neither does Dan Tower.  Cuz...

The DH Yondernod Experience

We’ve always been interested in art and we’re not special.  It took a common path from seeing to making to experiencing, contemplating, appreciating, purchasing and collecting.  That’s a pretty awesome path and maybe more than enough, except we decided it wasn’t enough.  For us, opening a gallery meant whole-heartedly signing up for more art and more learning.  We’re getting what we wanted, and more.  And it’s the little...

I’m surely not the first person to ask you this Luke Cavagnac but…

…you must get fans of your work buying 10 paintings from you around the holidays, right?  You must get decorators choosing 30 paintings at a time to fill a large area affordably, cheerfully and completely uniquely, right?

I got schooled in Mecha by David White!

I have hazy memories of robots and mechanical toys from childhood.  Mostly involving smelly boys and screeching, bashing, launching and smashing.  But that’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate the importance that mecha played in the creativity, imagination, hobbies, careers and aesthetics of so many people.  If you think about it, it’s everywhere

Leah Moses and Yumyos

Sometimes you learn about people in small, bite-sized pieces.  Each interaction deepens and expands your knowledge.  And if you’re lucky enough, you get to see the results of that person’s creativity.

The Invisible Fountain: quench your thirst

I recently moved back to westernmass and visiting The Invisible Fountain and Luke Cavagnac was definitely on my to-do list. Visiting studios is one of my favorite things.  I admit, I can feel intimidated, but it’s always been worth the short bout of nervousness.  Artists are regular ol’ people too.  And to my thinking, if you are making time to see their art, you are probably starting...


We know.  We’ve been looking at this grid of 96 5×5 Deth P. Sun paintings for one week and it’s really hard to choose.  We’ve decided to wait until more sell, hence narrowing our choices (or justifying a larger and more expensive painting).  We’ve loved seeing who chooses which painting so thought we could offer some suggestions.  If none of these profiles match you, think about...