Leah Moses and Yumyos

Posted October 28 2014

Sometimes you learn about people in small, bite-sized pieces.  Each interaction deepens and expands your knowledge.  And if you’re lucky enough, you get to see the results of that person’s creativity.  Sometimes the results surprise you.  And sometimes their work seems to be a completely natural extension of the person.  That’s the case with Leah Moses and her handmade plush Yumyos.  Part plush, part beanbag, part monster and part bite-sized, gumdrop-colored morsel – you want to hug, toss, clutch your fav and rush your handmade creature home to join the rest of your treasures.

Leah loves the magical, atmospheric, unique and adorable.  Yumyos were born in a rich and detailed fantasy world.  Come out to the LOOK local group show to find out about their world and see the brand new permutations.  This is just the beginning.  I think one of our cutest young customers said it best when she adopted her favorite Yumyo, “Yumyo are good!”