The DH Yondernod Experience

Posted November 04 2014

We’ve always been interested in art and we’re not special.  It took a common path from seeing to making to experiencing, contemplating, appreciating, purchasing and collecting.  That’s a pretty awesome path and maybe more than enough, except we decided it wasn’t enough.  For us, opening a gallery meant whole-heartedly signing up for more art and more learning.  We’re getting what we wanted, and more.  And it’s the little surprises and quiet realizations we hadn’t anticipated that make the process fascinating. Dave Huckins and Leah Moses welcomed FOE to the neighborhood before we’d even opened our doors.  Downright friendly of them and they made a pleasant first impression.  Conversations were had and soon enough we discover that Dave Huckins is the artist creating the Sierra Grille posters we’d noticed.  We’re duly impressed.  His work is tight.  He has a thang and he executes his thang, faithfully, professionally.  We invite Dave to create art for our group show.  Then the week before the show as we’re busily focused on cataloging, data entry and last minute details, Dave quietly drops off his art and info.  Thursday night we settle in to our routine of music, spatial relations, problem solving and in this case, how to hang over 100 pieces from 15 different artists.  Yeah, it’s a late night with a single purpose.  And then, you’re sitting on the floor, shuffling art to find the best presentation and layout, and it sneaks up on you: the finer appreciation, the excitement and all the questions for Dave about his process.  It’s pretty interesting.  We knew right then, people are gonna dig this. They do.  Don’t miss your chance, there’s still work available.  Oh ok, it's probably not your last chance, cuz we’re pretty sure FOE and Dave Huckins will be collaborating again.