The Invisible Fountain: quench your thirst

Posted October 28 2014

I recently moved back to westernmass and visiting The Invisible Fountain and Luke Cavagnac was definitely on my to-do list. Visiting studios is one of my favorite things.  I admit, I can feel intimidated, but it’s always been worth the short bout of nervousness.  Artists are regular ol’ people too.  And to my thinking, if you are making time to see their art, you are probably starting off on the right foot.  So I say go.  Just go.  You’ll be happy you did, because: Exploring is fun. You know the feeling when you go someplace new and you feel like you discovered a secret cool thing?  Well, that’s a pretty sweet feeling.


Seeing people’s work spaces is fascinating. I know I’m not the only one who thinks that.  I’ve always loved seeing people in their creative environments, from my Pop’s garage, to friends’ band practice spaces to my aunt’s sewing room.


Original, affordable, local art. You know you’ve spent $20 on a poster or tapestry for your dorm room.  That cool.  But seriously, you can afford original, one-of-a-kind art from Luke Cavagnac.  You can.  And you’ll own something no one else has.  Maybe one of his paintings catches your eye or you need something pink in your bedroom, whatever, his original paintings start at $11.11!  No shit!


Oh and you get to feel good while having fun!  Cuz Luke is a cool guy and a local artist who wants to keep his prices low so that everyone can afford original art.  So, scope out the cool 2nd floor of the Eastworks building, see a rad studio, spend your hard-earned dollars locally and enjoy art!  You’ll be happy you did!  And hang that painting up!  If you’re not local, don’t despair, Luke has an etsy page