I got schooled in Mecha by David White!

Posted October 28 2014

I have hazy memories of robots and mechanical toys from childhood.  Mostly involving smelly boys and screeching, bashing, launching and smashing.  But that’s not to say that I didn’t appreciate the importance that mecha played in the creativity, imagination, hobbies, careers and aesthetics of so many people.  If you think about it, it’s everywhere:  toys, TV, comics, movies, advertising, design, manufacturing and art, to name a few.  I admit I avoided contemplating it for too long.  But when I did, I could not have found a more talented and passionate teacher than David White.  My tutorial was his book Mecha Zone 2, The Art of David A. White.   Yup, I sat down and read a mecha book cover to cover, and I was enthralled and impressed.  David’s passion for mecha is evident throughout and the artwork is amazing.  My favorite part was the tutorial at the end of the book.  Sure, there are tools, techniques and instructions for drawing mecha, but there are also lessons in following your passion, working hard, being diligent and persevering that could apply to anyone’s dreams.  The journey may not have always been easy, but David White is living his dream.  His childhood interests in drawing and robots led to a career in illustration and he gets to work in his studio surrounded by the toys and art that inspire him.  Check out his brand new beautiful book, Mecha Zone 1.5, Robots Remastered. And stop by FOE to see his artwork in our LOOK a local group show.