Dan Tower’s fav animal? “Hog, pssh, please.”

Posted November 04 2014

Dan Tower cooks at a French bistro, Bistro Les Gras. Dan Tower made this.  The skull?  Yup, he cooked, cleaned and ate it.  He does his own framing and wood cuts too.  I think young Dan Tower is living his art.  Oh to be young and talented.  Eh, it’s pretty sweet being middle-aged and happy too.  I got no complaints, and neither does Dan Tower.  Cuz this young, tattooed, cook and artist also has some charm and wisdom.  One question in our FOE questionnaire, “If you could be instantly proficient in a skill, what would it be?”  Dan’s answer, “I don’t know if I’d want that.  Learning how to hone a craft is the best part.  If I was instantly good, where would I go from there?  It wouldn’t be fun to not learn how to be more proficient.” I agree.  The figuring it out is the best part.  And maybe it’s because I’m middle-aged, but I admit, I would take instant proficiency in a foreign language or in playing drums.  I like new ways to communicate with people (and to rock).  My fav Dan Tower quote from the questionnaire, “Perfect life day.  No fuck ups.”  Young, talented and wise.  Keep your eye on Dan Tower.  You might see him speeding past you on his bike like a bat outta hell.