I’m looking forward to meeting Jon Schluenz

Posted November 04 2014

I know, seems crazy right?  Jim’s talked to him a few times.  Jim said nice things.  We checked out his website.  Jim invited Jon to be part of the LOOK show.  There’s a whole sappy love song about my husband in that story, but I’ll spare you.   Jon knows what I’m talking about. So I found myself in a curious position.  For all the other artists in the show, the artist and the art sorta combine for me.  If I really like an artist, I’m more likely to understand their art, or try harder to.  I do know stuff about Jon, but not having met him made me pay closer attention to how people related to his artwork.  So cool.  I’ve got two awesome stories.  On the Friday morning before the opening, I was busy hanging the last artist grouping when a couple customers walked through looking at the new show.  We chatted briefly.  Then I over-heard, “I wanna go home and brush my teeth.”  It stood out.  It could have been lunch.  But suddenly I knew they were talking about Jon Schluenz’s paintings.  Made me laugh.  Jon, I hope you’re laughing.  Then later that night at the opening two smart and funny women asked if I could introduce them to Jon.  I explained I couldn’t, since I’d yet to meet him, and checked with Jim.  We’d missed him (of course).  They pointed out this, from his bio, “Jon has been painting teeth for years, but is not really sure why.”  Ya gotta want to meet someone who says that. So these teeth paintings.  Looking at them makes my gums hurt.  The yellowy color of the enamel, the pink bleedy-ness of the gums.  Ow.  But you know what, I’m kinda totally in love with some aspects of it.  The black geometric line work is cool and detailed.  It’s a kind of tiny, hand-drawn, doodly look I’m drawn too.  I like the pink watercolor too.  But yeah, I find it kind of creepy.  But wait!  On the completely other end, Jon painted some custom cut wood from his home renovation.  Not a bit creepy! I like Tomato Tomato.  Jon is an artist and designer.  He just earned his Masters degree in Architecture from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  I learned that from reading his bio.  But I learned to like Jon from reading his answers to our questionnaire.  I think he seems happy, smart, funny and loving.  So thank you Jon for being mysterious.  Please introduce yourself to me next time you’re at FOE.  I think it would be lovely to meet you.