FOE launches a letterpress series (or this is how I always wanted life to be)

Posted October 28 2014

Back in December, our good friends Beth and Carol at Oh My strongly encouraged some art viewers to venture over to FOE.  That’s how we met Brion from Halo Couriers.  We shared some warm spiced wine and stories and a friendship was started.  Oh, and we asked about his cool bike t-shirt, the artist, Chris Piascik.   As we planned for our first art opening in March we mentioned to our friend Tim from Roz’s Place that we were putting together an old punk play list, because luckily for us, that’s what Matt Sesow likes to listen to.  Tim suggests his friend Bryan DJ the opening because he has a killer punk vinyl collection.  Bryan DJ’d, good times were had by all and the show ended with a bike delivery of an original Sesow painting – Brion of Halo Couriers, of course.


Our DJ is really a very cool guy with his own expertise and successful letterpress business Manifesto.  We wanted to collaborate.  Details came together smoothly and awesomely.  We got to check out his biz, learn more about letterpress and even give it a try ourselves.  As we contemplated artists for our series, Chris Piascik immediately came to mind.  Chris is also a fan of letterpress and had collaborated on a letterpress release previously. Chris’s work is in our LOOK: a local group show September 9th through October 9th.  And his rad print is the first in our FOE x Manifesto x "artists we like" series.  Next in the series, a winter release.  We're already talking to another "artist we like."