I’m surely not the first person to ask you this Luke Cavagnac but…

Posted October 28 2014


…you must get fans of your work buying 10 paintings from you around the holidays, right?  You must get decorators choosing 30 paintings at a time to fill a large area affordably, cheerfully and completely uniquely, right? Some friends and fans must send you pics of where they hung their Cavagnac/s, right?  You keep hearing stories about what a badass Yankee swap present your paintings make, true?   I don’t mean to embarrass you, but if regular ol’ me can think of so many awesome applications for your awesome art, what could a marketing genius come up with?   Now I ain’t sayin’ that you’re greedy or that you desire these things.  Seems like you’ve got a pretty sweet life!  But if, say, a 10% increase in purchases of your paintings a month would make your life the tinniest bit more comfortable, well, then I aim to find a way to make that happen.  I’m not totally sure how I’m going to do it yet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be successful.  At least I’m gonna try.


Yeah, that’s my open letter to Luke Cavagnac.  You can read my first post about Luke and the Invisible Fountain .  Take a look at our 30 painting Cavagnac arrangement, (up at FOE Gallery through October 9th).  And yeah, those exact 30 paintings, if you bought the whole arrangement, would cover a 5’ x 5’ space in your room and would cost you only $600, for 30 paintings people!  But you can’t have this exact one of course, because cool and smart people already bought some. Or they bought the rad Cavagnac x Manifesto letterpress postcards (we sold A Lot).  Smart people buy art!   See all of Luke's paintings for the Look show.