I ♥ Ramiro Davaro-Comas

Posted November 04 2014

Do I have to explain why?  If you’ve spent time with him, you’ve probably been charmed.  He’s the kind of guy who will stand outside your gallery during an opening and make 30 passers-by want to venture in.  Or hand me his zine on my way home and assure me that it is an appropriate bedtime story.  I read it when I got home and nope, Unemployed Rats & Mice is Not a lullaby.  He made my not-so-easily-impressed friend laugh and quote him and every time he stops in the store, I end up smiling and laughing.  But Ramiro is more than his charisma; he’s a diligent, serious artist trying to navigate the political and economic global upheaval of these times. Ramiro isn’t interested in escaping from the craziness he sees, but in documenting it’s effect on one young artist who split his youth between Buenos Aires, Argentina and Massachusetts. I feel lucky that our paths have crossed. Check out Ramiro's work