Chris Piascik won’t slow down!

Posted November 04 2014

Why?  I think it has lots to do with Danzig, BMX and coffee.  Check out his website and daily drawings.  The man is prolific.  So sure, we’re big fans of his art.  That’s why we asked Chris to do our first FOE x Manifesto letterpress print and invited him to participate in our LOOK show.  But here’s what I love about my job.  Chris creates cool art and is totally awesome and professional to work with.  Chris kindly brought us some of his zines and prints when we first met.  I read All My Bikes. You can learn a lot about people based on what they spend tons of time doing.  Chris is seriously into bikes.  Not only has he owned 30+ but he can tell you everything about them.  When he got it, how he felt about it, where he went, what it was good for or wasn’t, breaks, repairs, deaths, sales, parts, commuting time, weather and bikes, which ones he misses…you get the picture right?  Really, picture more.  Then, to document this amazing passion, he draws each of his bikes, collects the drawings to create a zine and writes about each bike.  Um yeah, Chris got on a bike, went fast and has never slowed down.  And it’s that kind of passion, diligence, hard work and joy that make me feel lucky to be working with Chris.  I’m also a bit obsessed with combining typography and drawings.  And Danzig.  It seems the universe has decided Danzig will intervene on FOE’s behalf.  The Misfits come up on shuffle, just as a Misfits fan enters the store.  It’s brought us a lot of good will and we are thankful.  Chris’s fav band – Misfits.  His theme song – Danzig, Mother.   See Chris's work for Look.