Michael Crigler, I wanna know more

Posted November 04 2014

You know how sometimes when you meet someone who’s kinda different from you, and you’re kinda curious and you kinda like ‘em and how you’re fascinated by how the relationship will evolve?  I love that feeling.  That’s how I feel about Michael Crigler.  Entrepreneurship lends itself to lots of those feelings.  It’s a pretty cool thing that I hadn’t anticipated.  A perk as they say.  Michael Crigler is an entrepreneur too.  So you begin a business interaction, based on a gut feeling and a friend in common, not totally sure how it will go, but happy to give it a chance, just to see what happens.  Yeah, that’s what happened with Michael Crigler.  Timing (or as Michael Crigler might say, the Universe) had us hearing about each other and finally connecting the week we were preparing for our LOOK local group show.  Michael Crigler is an artist too.  So an artist wanting to show you their art on your busiest few days of the month, is not the best way to begin a biz relation.  But then when that artist handles it like a sincere, thoughtful, professional, you take that artist seriously. I’ve now known about Michael Crigler’s existence for a month or so.  I know Michael is an artist, award-winning designer, poet, entrepreneur, musician, world-traveler, vegan, readymade reading, wood salvaging and furniture making from scratch, husband and young man.  Michael kindly, trustingly, left his artwork with us as we got back to contemplating layout and hanging the show saying if there’s room, you can use it, if not, we’ll talk later.  We didn’t know if there would be room.  Ended up there was.  I'm glad to be working with Michael and look forward to getting to know