Lyell Castonguay, it’s an honor to know you

Posted November 04 2014

Lyell is a woodcut artist and printmaker.  We have a mind-blowing 5’ woodcut print up at FOE.  I find myself staring at the hair, or the curtains and wondering how this tall, amiable, self-possessed young artist from Maine became so skilled and confident in so few years.  I guess there’s something in Lyell that gives him a calm singularity of focus that’s pretty badass for a twenty-something-er.  Check out this video.  It’s a short peak into the process of making a single print from one of his 3’x5’ woodblocks.  Yeah, he carved the woodblock first! And he’s one of the nicest people we’ve met (Mainer, yep).  Lyell assuredly combines his interests, vision, skill and technique to create small to giant, works of art.  You can see Lyell’s giant woodcut exhibit next month at Hosmer Gallery (upstairs at the Forbes Library in Northampton) from November 3rd – 30th.   See Lyell's work at FOE