Talented and happy: Scott Tulay

Posted November 04 2014

You know the cliche of the tortured artist?  Yeah, that’s not Scott Tulay.  I’m sure there were times of struggle and uncertainty along his journey, but the man I have had the pleasure to meet, seems like a pretty happy guy.  And why shouldn’t he be?  Scott attended fine institutions, studied under artists he admired, established a successful career as an architect and creates beautiful, atmospheric, fine art that is an extension of his life, talents and interests. His work has been written about in national publications, his artwork is represented by a Boston gallery, he has won awards and his art is in personal and public collections.  And this happy, talented architect and artist lives here in Western Mass with his family.  So we’re feeling pretty happy to know him and have his skillfully rendered work in our LOOK group show.  Check out his website for the full story and more images of his art.  It will make you contemplate the merging of architecture and fine art, light and shadow and if you’re me, time spent in tobacco barns.   See Scott's work