Why so modest Rick Beaupre?

Posted November 04 2014
Of course modesty is a nice character trait, but think of your fans! Peoples out there, peoples like me, are trying to learn a bit about you and your art.  You’re not hiding.  I did go here and visit your studio (I invited myself) and do occasionally force you into conversation on the street or at work, but let’s just say, you ain’t makin’ it easy.  Are you shy?  Cuz you seem very talented, nice and funny, and peoples like that.  I just wish I could write something eloquent about your impressive art.  Very funny Rick Beaupre!  Yes, “eloquent” was overly optimistic for my writing.  See, you’ve made me resort to imaginary conversations with you.  Well then, I guess I’ve got the floor.  Your skill and mastery of your technique is freakin’ badass.  When I look closely at your work, it blows my mind and your subject matter isn’t what I’m instinctively drawn to (which makes the mind blowing that much more blowing).  I love the monochromatic color schemes.  I love the precision geometry in the backgrounds.  My brain went and visualized a gorgeous exhibit of your art.  If it’s not too presumptuous of me, I really would like to tell ya all the nice things I’ve thought about you and your art.  It might not be obvious, but I’m kinda shy myself.