Deth P. Sun Cat with Dagger FAQs

Posted October 09 2015

Q:  I don’t really know what this is. Can you explain it?

A: I’d love to! The simplest answer, it’s a collectible. Lots of people call it an art toy. It is not a children’s toy though because it hasn’t gone through safety checks to be a toy. Cat with Dagger specifically is a 3D representation of a recurring character in Deth P. Sun’s artwork. So it’s a Deth P. Sun art toy collectible.


Q: Who buys this stuff?

A:  Ha! That’s funny. We heard that a lot when we first opened. Really, it could be anyone. Maybe that guy in the office down the hall from you (Jim at his other job). People who collect vinyl figures might like it. Fans and collectors of Deth P. Sun’s paintings and illustrations will probably love it, we do. I bet some cat collectors will buy it too. And there are many lovely people who like to buy rad objects and support artists and mom + pop shops.


Q:  Why produce a figure?

A:  Ah, why indeed. We like complicated processes with no guarantees that take time, skill and money. It’s a way to manufacture our learning, test hypothesis and see what happens while simultaneously producing a totally rad figure. We’re pretty pleased to be bringing Deth P. Sun’s Cat with Dagger into the world. 

On another note, we’re celebrating 5 years of FOE this Fall. We've talked about producing a figure for over 5 years so this is a damn fine way to celebrate. This Deth P. Sun x FOE Cat with Dagger figure will be in the world because we made that happen, with some talented people’s work and encouragement. That feels great.


Q:  How did you decide on this figure for your first?

A:  We’ve talked about this for years, so the idea has evolved over time. We are fans and collectors of Deth P. Sun’s art. We’ve had him out to FOE for two solo shows. He’s a totally chill dude, easy to work with, professional and like I said, we love his work and our customers do too. There are plenty of other artists we love working with, but someone was going to be first. We especially liked that our first figure would be from an artist who doesn’t already have a figure. Jim has the knowledge, skills and connections to make it all come together. We felt like that was something we could offer Deth. We’ll execute this. When he said yes, we were pretty psyched! It was years in the dreaming and discussing stage but once we decided to do it, Deth was at the top of our list.


Q:  What is the process to produce a vinyl art toy collectible?

A:  Once Deth was down, Jim started looking for sculptors. He got a great recommendation from another artist we love working with. Once the sculpt was finished, it went to a mold maker so that we wouldn’t be shipping the only copy to Japan. The resin prototype was shipped to Japan where a wax master and then a metal mold will be made. We’ll get a test shot of the figure and if everything looks good, it goes to a factory in Japan for production.  We’re doing a painted version too, so those will be sent to a painter. When they’re done, they get shipped back to FOE and we distribute. There were lots of details and discussions along the way, but that’s the basic process.


Q:  How can I purchase Cat with Dagger?

A:  Thank you! Cat with Dagger will be available to pre-order online or in the shop (hours) from Friday October 9th through midnight Monday October 19th. There will be a Classic Gray Unpainted version for $50 and a Classic Gray Painted version for $65. International shipping information can be found here.


Q:  Why did you choose pre-order for this release?

A:  We love the idea of made to order. It gives everyone who wants Classic Cat with Dagger the opportunity to get one. There may be future editions but this will be the only with Deth's most iconic color scheme and we want to make sure it's available to all his fans. As a small mom + pop shop on a tight budget a no-waste system appeals to us. And we’re curious to see what happens!


Q:  What’s the best way to stay informed about this release and all things FOE?

A:  You can sign up for our newsletter. We send emails out about every month or two. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will definitely be posting about this release. We don’t want anyone who wants Cat with Dagger to miss it.


Q:  When will I get my super rad Cat with Dagger?

A:  There are several steps that need to happen before the figure ships out to you. The master is landing in Japan now. It will go through wax, mold-making, casting & painting before it even ships back across the sea for packing and shipping. Right now we anticipate early 2016. It will be the best mail day you almost forgot about.


Q:  Might there be future releases?

A:  That is definitely our plan. A classic black, or gid (glow-in-the-dark), maybe smoke, well, there are a few other ideas we’re pretty smitten with as well.