Our Address is 114 Main St

Posted November 05 2014

I have a little story.  This might not be a perfect analogy, but I’m trying to capture a feeling.  Sometimes it’s completely legitimate to draw an incorrect conclusion.  Ain’t nobody done nothin’ wrong.

About 20 years ago my friend Holly and I decided that we should become acquainted with pool.  The reasons were practical: we drink, friends play, they ask us.  Whenever we were asked, we refused because we didn’t want to look stupid.  We plotted to practice when no one was around, hoping that we’d eventually feel comfortable playing with other people.  Scheduling time with someone you like is also swell.  Every Wednesday after work I met Holly at The Watering Hole or Hugo’s.  We sucked.  It was fun. I shared with my Pop how much I enjoyed our routine.  Then, I got a pool cue for my birthday.

I DID NOT WANT A POOL CUE!  Walking into a bar with your own cue says, “I am serious about pool” or “I have invested in my own cue because the crooked-ass bent shit y’all have is beneath my standards” or “Look at me!” or “Ima gonna take yer money.”  That’s pretty much the opposite of any proclamation I would choose.  I know I could have left it at home (tho’ playing with a straight cue is actually pretty nice).  But I couldn’t leave it at home because that would say “I am not going to use a gift from my Pop because strangers might make fun of me.”  I had to use it; I groaned.  I skulked to the bar with my fancy cue in its nifty nylon carrying case.  I bust through them doors, my cue announcing, “I have come, to play.”  Then, confusion, laughs and taunts, “It’s too bad you have your own cue but don’t know how to use it!”  Every week I suffered this humiliation.  I wondered if my Pop understood that and was trying to teach me a lesson.  You don’t always get to explain yourself.  Sometimes I did blurt out, “comme onn maan, it’s a present, from my Pop, I love my Pop, geez gah pfff.”  That was the best.  My memory tells me it made hearts and wallets swell and got us a free pitcher or two, maybe.

See the address on our website’s home page.  It’s incorrect.  That is our old address.  We moved to our new location September 2012.  We have updated our address every place that we have control over.  Our POS effortlessE suffered some business something.  It’s not clear to us.  We put in a ticket to have our address updated, last August.  They apologized and said they couldn’t do it.  We follow-up on our ticket regularly.  It’s maddening.  We do understand we can take our business elsewhere.  However, that would involve bringing in our designer, Krate.  Krate is awesome!  We would love to switch POS’s and work with Krate again.  Right now, it’s not in our budget.  So everyone who notices the incorrect address on our website would be right to assume we are stupid and sloppy.  That’s what I might think. The moral, sometimes you just have to look stupid.  There are people who don’t want to think you’re stupid.  They ask questions or offer help.  Some people want to think you’re stupid.  They don’t ask and they get to be right too.  Care about the people who care.  My Pop, Holly, family, friends, artists, customers, our community, they ask questions, they want to know.  Those are the people we don’t want to disappoint.  Thank you awesome people!  You F-ing Rule!