Safe Passage Coloring Fundraiser

Posted November 05 2014


At FOE we like good ideas, connecting, and supporting our community. A coloring fundraiser allows us to combine lots of things we like. The good idea came from Michael Nordstrom aka Garamania. He suggested the first coloring fundraiser for the Garamaniacal show in 2012. We connected with local artist/illustrator/teacher Heather Kasunick through two other artists we work with, one of her students and a letter. She donated the illustration (and will have work in our local group show). If you are from these parts, you’re probably aware of the good work Safe Passage is doing to address domestic violence in Hampshire County. And when we told Mark Nagata of Max Toy Company (our current show) about the fundraiser, he donated a mini Tripus figure to raffle.


Show us your creative chops with this illustration. Drop it or mail it to FOE (114 Main St. Northampton MA 01060) with $2 for each submission. All submissions will be on display and available for a $2 purchase at our LOOK 4 Local opening on July 11th. All funds raised through submission and purchase fees will be donated to Safe Passage. Each entry gives you a chance to win Max Toy Company’s mini Tripus.

No weapons. No violence. No hate.