Year of the Dragon Group Show

Posted December 04 2014

March 9-April 8. Opening reception Friday, March 9th 6-9pm.

FOE celebrates the first of their second year of art openings with the “Year of the Dragon” group show.  Dragons and dragon mythology have inspired artists for over 2000 years.  Come out to see works by artists local to international as they interpret the legendary, mythical creature.  Eastern dragons are characterized as a benevolent force bringing good fortune and prosperity.  They adorn temples and are depicted in artwork, literature and film.  In the 2012 year of the dragon we should all try to channel our positive power to radiate goodwill and blessings, or at least, look at some cool dragon art.  The show will remain up through Sunday, April 8th.

William Schaff, Toby Barnes, Colin Panetta, Spencer van der Zee, Sloan Tomlinson, Ryan H. Maguire of DYCO, Rin Ascher, Rick Beaupre, Ramiro Davaro-Comas, Nate Duval, Mister Ruesch, MCA of DYCO, Mat Matera, Martin Ontiveros, Maeg Yosef/Edison Rex, Luke CavagnacKoji Harmon, John Hung Ha, ThEm DoLLz, Erik Wayne Patterson, Erik Johannessen, Eric Talbot, Eben Kling, Dana Ellyn, Coby Ellison, Christopher Gendron, Chris Piascik, Bob EggletonAlex Ziritt, Adam Connor