Super Cosmic Cataclysm: Michael Crigler, Eben Kling and Yondernod

Posted December 04 2014

June 8-July 8 Opening reception Friday, June 8 6-9pm.

End of things, new eras, explosions, implosions, energy, synergy, Mayan calendars and Cosmic Cataclysms.  FOE Gallery aims to answer all of your questions or none at all.  Sometimes it’s just about what’s happening in the moment and doing what you feel.  Super Cosmic Cataclysm opens at FOE Gallery with a reception on Friday June 8th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.  Eben Kling, Yondernod and Michael Crigler collaborate to provide you with an experience.  Open your minds and remember or forget.  The moment is beautiful.  The show will run through July 8th.