Bad A** II: Fabric Arts Group Show

Posted December 04 2014

November 9-December 9. Opening reception Friday, November 9, 6-9pm.

FOE hosts their second annual fabric arts group show, Bad A** II. We have long been charmed by the variety and technique used in fabric art and sculpture.  Creating narratives, executing on textural images or shaping 3-D plushes and sculpture with fabric and thread takes skill, vision and tedious hours of work.  Fabric art has been utilized as a medium to tell devastating narratives or subversive political commentary at one extreme, to creating iconic, popular, cuddly creatures at the other.  Explore how 14 different fabric artists shape their own interests and aesthetics into works of art.

Jennifer Strunge, Jen Musatto, Liane Shih, Luke Temby, Penny Nickels, Johnny Murder, Lana Crooks, Cindy Steiler, Steph Bomb, Laura Granlund, Leah Moses, Julie Pinzur, Wendy Sharak, & Alexandra Diamond.