323: Atom A Amaresura, Blickenstaff, Paul Kaiju

Posted December 05 2014

Opening March 23, up through April 7

We spent a road trip from Tacoma to Vancouver and back listening to The Cramps, Bad Music for Bad People.  It’s that album cover that made us aware of the artist Stephen Blickenstaff.  FOE brings new works by Blickenstaff (MD) to Northampton for this 3 artist opening. We’ll also have the vinyl weirdness of Paul Kaiju (CA) and Atom A. Amaresura (JPN).  Paul Kaiju was out in Western Mass last year as part of our Summers Cauldron show.  We totally loved working with Paul and taking him out around town.  It was during this visit that Jim and Paul discovered a shared interest in Atom A. Amaresura.  Paul and Jim (with the help of our totally awesome intern Naomi) scored a slot in Amaresura’s busy schedule.  This gonna be one bizarre show.


323: opens on Saturday March 23rd.  Random pull tickets available when we open shop Saturday at 11:00 am. We start calling numbers at 2:00 pm.  Limits will be set based on ticket pulls.  Artists will not be in attendance.