Splurrt Usir Release

Posted December 05 2014

Saturday September 17 4PM

FOE is proud to be releasing their second exclusive with Splurrt on Saturday September 7th at 4:00 pm.  Joe Merrill will be in the shop to drop his first run of the Usir/Cadaver Kid mash-up.  Meet the artist, check out his mad sculpting and painting skills and help us celebrate our second year on Main Street.  FOE builds relationships and shares art and ideas.

In 2011 we were thrilled to have the Cadaver Kid test pulls in our first Monster group show.  That led to the first run of the Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid to celebrate our move to Main Street in September 2012.  The Hell Fire Burning edition was quickly snapped up by local collectors and fans of Splurrt sculpts around the globe.  In honor of our anniversary, Joe Merrill will travel to Northampton for the first run of his Usir/Cadaver Kid mash-up.  Come out, meet the artist and lay your eyes upon this killer release.