Posted December 05 2014

Thursday September 26 7pm

We talk about aesthetic a lot, with each other and with artists, customers, family and friends.  Lots of people who visit the shop do this awesome thing.  If they are the kinds of people inclined to engage, they almost always comment about art.  These exchanges result in finding out something about their tastes and sharing something of ours.  It’s lovely work.  It got us realizing.  People like to talk about the things they’re into.  Frequently, it’s a shared appreciation and that’s fun.  But even if it’s not, when people generously share what they like, it’s pretty much always interesting.  We learn stuff too.  It’s a conversation that everyone can join in and no two stories are the same.  We love these stories.  We decided to create an aesthetic event.  We liked it.  People who attended seemed to like it too.  We’re doing our second one.  We really want to hear what these people have to say:  Jim Zalesky, Jon Bartlett, Toby Barnes and Tom Pappalardo.  15 minutes each. Starts soon after 7pm on Thursday September 26th.  We have no idea what to expect and we love that.