Garamaniacal Too: Dreams and Death of a Meteor Monster

Posted January 20 2015

Opening Fri Feb 13 and on display through March 8

Garamaniacal Too! is a character themed art exhibit featuring the work of over 30 artists.  Garamon is an iconic kaiju from the 1966 Japanese TV show Ultra Q. He is later reincarnated as the friendly Pygmon in Ultraman.  See how this group of artists interpret the clunky, crusty, fish-lipped, oil-belching, high-rise wrecking meteor monster and learn about kaiju culture.  

Ansis Purins, Atom Gray, Beau Berkley, Bob Conge, Bob Eggleton, Brian Mahony/GUUMON, Bwana Spoons, Cherry Au, David Coffman, Grizzli Atom, James Biggie, James Groman, Jeff Lamm, Joe Whiteford, Jon Malmstedt/JM Rampage, Josh Herbolsheimer, Leecifer, Mark Dabelstein, Mark Nagata, Matthew Allison, MCA, Michael Nordstrom, Michael Skattum, Phil Staszkiw, Ralph Cosentino, Rei Alvarez, Rob Kimmel, Ryan Berkley, Ryan Bonsall, Ryan Hungerford, Stephen Blickenstaff, Todd Robertson